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The Free To Be...You And Me material continues to be just as fresh and relevant as when it was created thirty years ago.  Luckily, it's also still available.




New Updated DVD
We're delighted to announce the release of the new updated version of the ...You And Me DVD, with

  • Previously unreleased scene by Dustin Hoffman
  • Greatly improved audio and video re-mastered from the original broadcast
  • Close Captioning in both English and Spanish
  • New Introduction by Marlo Thomas




New 35th Anniversary Edition
Original stories with all-new illustrations and bonus sampler CD Free To Be... You And Me is a storybook and a songbook, a collection of poems and a gallery of pictures that bring out the child in readers of all ages. This innovative book celebrates diversity, challenges stereotypes, and encourages kids to be themselves in a joyful, positive manner. Its contents can be read aloud and shared. Best of all, in t he midst of all the merriment this book brings, kids experience important messages and learn valuable life lessons.





Free To Be...You And Me: CD
There are thousands upon thousands of children's albums out there, but the one that quietly left its mark with more '70s children than perhaps any other album was this disc. Free to Be...You and Me was a pet project of proud feminist Marlo Thomas (a.k.a. "That Girl"), and it was born--according to the liner notes--by the desire to provide her niece with music "to celebrate who she was and who she could be." Harry Belafonte sings "Parents Are People," ex-football great Rosie Grier offers an incredible, touching melody titled "It's All Right to Cry," and Diana Ross waxes future-positive on "When We Grow Up." A great hour of brain food for young--and not-so-young--children. --Denise Sheppard





Free To Be...You And Me: DVD & VHS
Like Schoolhouse Rock, Marlo Thomas's 1970s children's TV show, Free to Be… You and Me met with immediate success and became a treasured piece of entertainment over the years. Based on her award-winning album of songs, skits, and comedy, Free to Be explores the infinite possibilities of childhood. Fans know most of the skits in the 45-minute show verbatim, and it's easy to see why right from the beginning with an infectious title track followed by a puppet sketch featuring Thomas and Mel Brooks as newborns. Top talent appears on both sides of the camera, including Alan Alda who directs and performs a cartoon about a boy who wants a doll. However, the presentation does show its age at times: a teenage Michael Jackson singing (with Roberta Flack) on how he's not going to change when he grows up. For all ages. --Doug Thomas







Free To Be...You And Me: Play
From the book 'Free To Be...You And Me' conceived by Marlo Thomas. Adapted for the stage by Douglas Love and Regina Safran
Contributions by Judy Blume, Dan Greenberg, Carol Hall, S. Harnick, Bruce Hart, Edward Kleban, Elaine Laron, Stephen Lawrence, Betty Miles, Shelley Miller,C. Reiner, M. Rodgers, Shel Silverstein, Peter Stone, and C. Zolotow